Machining Centres

The Odin Machining centre range are built with quality and price in mind.

The Odin range is perfect for high speed and heavy duty cutting. The variety of models can be suited to a number of applications.

ODIN VDL series, the smallest member of the machining centre range has linear guides on all axes while the larger models offer a combination of linear ways on the X and Y axes with hardened and ground boxways on the Z axis giving the perfect solution for fast response/rigidity/low noise levels and high accuracy. ODIN VDF have ground boxways on all 3 axes providing high rigidity and excellent machining accuracy.

The ODIN VDR-1000 is designed with speedy production in mind performing milling/boring/drilling and tapping in a single setup with the option for 4-axis rotary table work.

Machine Table Size X Travel Y Travel Z Travel Technical Specifications
VDL600A 800x420 600 420 520
VDL800 900x420 800 420 520
VDL1000 1,120x560 1,020 560 600
VDL1200 1,220x620 1,200 600 675
VDF1800 2,006x9400 1,875 800 762

All Measurements in MM

All machines are available as standard or with an array of optional equipment at extremely competitive prices.

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Odin Mission Statement

‘To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.’