Milling Machines

Odin supplies a superior range of milling machines. The milling machines are made of mehnite cast iron which gives the product excellent rigidity for the highest precision machining.

The Odin milling machines range from 300mm bed to a much larger 3000mm for larger applications.

Odin supplies both manual and CNC machines to suit your requirements, these machines are suitable for both small quantity and mass production.

Odin also offers a part exchange system on any macines.

Machine Table Size X Travel Y Travel Z Travel CNC Technical Specifications
LTM-100 1,370x330 800 450 480 CNC
LTM-200 1,370x330 800 450 480 CNC
M0S TMM 200x910 560 240 N/A Non CNC
X6325 1,270x254 750 380 406 Non CNC

Latest offers

£500 worth of free Kyocera tooling with any CNC lathe
£1000 free tooling with any machining centre

Odin Mission Statement

‘To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.’